Email is the preferred medium of choice for sending messages over the Internet. It is also the medium of choice which attackers choose to target an organisation. It is therefore vital to protect your email server from various types of attacks such as DOS (denial of service), spam, viruses, phishing and spoof attacks. AchRock provide integrated hardware and software solutions to protect your corporate email servers from such attacks.

There is even more need for an organisation to consider strengthening their email security policies given that more users are now able to use their smartphones, netbooks and laptops to send and receive emails whilst on the move. So what happens if these devices fall into the wrong hands? What if a corporate user urgently needs to send an urgent email from a hotel or Internet café? How can an organisation prevent confidential data being leaked via email? These are some serious questions that need to be addressed by their IT departments due to the complexity of the threats. Email is a strong business tool which most organisations today cannot do without. However these inbound and outbound threats can have significant financial implications.

This is where AchRock go even further by providing advanced inbound and outbound email security solutions
such as email firewalls, regulatory compliance technologies, digital asset security, email archiving and email