Secure Remote access is the means which an organisation gives its employees or its partner’s access to their corporate resources from a remote location which could be from home, another office and just about anywhere on the Internet. Remote access can be a great business tool which can boost productivity however it also presents other threats since the IT department have little or no control of the environment of the users. After all they could be connecting from home, an internet café or hotel with weak security.

This means hackers could take advantage by gaining access to corporate data or viruses could be introduced into
the network jeopardizing corporate data. AchRock can design and deploy strong security solutions that utilises
SSL or IPsec to give corporate users and partners a secure remote access to corporate data from a remote
location. In addition, two-factor authentication is integrated at the gateway and strong policies are enforced to ensure that the remote users only have access to the specified resources which they have been authorised to