Our GPS tracking solutions for vehicles offers professional tracking & security for private vehicle owners, fleet owners, fleet service providers and government use. Easy to install, it enables you to monitor and control your vehicles without monthly fees since it communicates its information to you via SMS or GPRS therefore the only fees are your operator fees for SMS or Data. With the ability to monitor driving habits, you are able to detect idling engines, speeding and other fuel consuming driving habits.

Unauthorized trips and thefts can be prevented since you can set allowed zones for your vehicles, get instant notifications if your vehicles start or complete trips and connect the tracker to external inputs to detect ignition, tampering, door opening and more!

Features and benefits
-Geofencing to detect unauthorized vehicle use / detours.
-Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery
-Motion detection to secure parked vehicles & unguarded assets.
-SOS button to send out vehicle location when in need of assistance.
-Ignition detection and disabling (optional)
-Speed reporting to eliminate bad driving habits.
-Periodic reporting based on time or distance travelled.
-Idle alarm to detect running engines.
-Inbuilt temperature sensor
-GPS antijamming features to remove interference from up to 8 jammers.
-Accurate GPS positioning with GPRS & GSM communication.
-Landmark data for easy location even when maps are unavailable.

In addition, we also offer a powerful tool for field security organizations and persons who are looking for high-end mobile solutions to greatly improve their daily operations, and offer only the best security service. Called Spot, it works in any Android phone. It’s a practical yet cost effective SMS based communication offering a truly secure channel to track the Spot with any SMS capable phone. It’s landmark data turns location coordinates and maps into language that everybody can read and understand. It is based on commonly known landmarks in your geographical area. This means you can deploy assistance within a few seconds in the right place.

Security processes and practices can be improved using this solution, for instance. It can be used to ensure the security persons’ route tracking and checking that schedules are effectively followed. Added Features like trip reporting, zone crossing and location finding makes this possible.

The data and experience you are collecting with Spot helps you to sharpen your practices. You can pinpoint working practices and include them as part of your daily processes. In other words, you can stop wasting time and money for unnecessary activities.

Features and benefits
-Panic button notifies location of user instantly in case of emergency
-Sends alarm if SIM card is removed
-Phone can be easily recovered if stolen or lost
-No need for high bandwidth Mobile Internet or GPRS data connection*
-Works on any Android phone
-Comes complete with TLD landmarks for all GSM countries*
-Battery saving mode to optimize phone battery recharging time

*Please note that when Spot is started for the first time, it requires an Internet connection for registering the license. At this step Spot also downloads a 1 MB landmark data package around the phone’s current location. This covers an area with about 1000km diameter. Afterwards, Spot works within this area without an Internet connection. If the phone goes outside this area and has an Internet connection, new landmark data is downloaded automatically.

For personnel and assets, we offer a portable pocket solution that enables you to always know where your company personnel, children or other people are and requires no installation. It is also ideal for valuable goods tracking when you need to track and secure cargo in transit. The deployment of this device is very easy. You simply insert the SIM card and configure access rights and the device is ready to be used. It is powered by an internal battery and can be recharged with the wall charger or from any computer via USB cable. Just drop it in your pocket, briefcase or backpack and you are ready to track! There are no monthly or annual fees, the user pays only the normal price of the SMS messages sent.

The built-in intelligent software enables the device to send easy to understand location message in your native language. After a full charge, the battery lasts up to 7-days. It’s small size makes it discreet, easy to carry or hide. Like our other GPS tracking products, it enables you to add your own location of importance: home, school, office etc.

Features and benefits
-Built-in microphone
-Ultra low power consumption
-Discrete, easy to carry or hide
-Local language commands on a mobile phone, tablet or PC
-No monthly or annual fees
-Preloaded with Industry benchmark Landmark
-Database for easy understanding
-Automatic trip, speed and zone crossing reports
-Full privacy – no need for a server
-Lets users add their own locations of importance; home, school, office etc.