As your organisations grows, so does your network. Managing large networks can be daunting for any IT department due to the number issues (users, passwords, applications, device configurations, etc.) they need to address. A network security audit is a detailed security assessment of segments on your private network conducted by our experienced consultants. The idea is to try and discover the weakest link within your network with the test conducted from an internal perspective using a combination of scanning tools and experience to find vulnerabilities. Following this service, AchRock consultants produce a detailed report and make recommendations of the necessary modifications required to improve your network security.

New vulnerabilities are discovered so frequently and any organisation that fails to keep up with the latest patches and fixes are vulnerable to attacks. When hosting web applications and databases we recommend regular scanning so as to find and fix any vulnerability before attackers exploit them. This service from AchRock is a more detailed assessment conducted by our experienced consultants from an external or internal perspective to expose where an attacker could breach your server. Your servers could be compromised because of vulnerabilities in the operating system, network device, web application, database or more. No exploit is carried out for this service! Exploitable vulnerabilities are recommended top priority for remediation. Your organisation must always be ahead of attackers to ensure your servers are not compromised.